Cake Flavours

This is the fun part about choosing your cake; which flavour to choose!  

Dark chocolate mud This is my most requested flavour.  Moist, dense chocolate mud cake with a hint of coffee to enhance the flavour.
Peppermint mud A dark chocolate mud cake with a hint of peppermint.  Absolutely delicious when paired with a peppermint swiss meringue buttercream.
White chocolate mud Sweeter than the dark chocolate mud cake, this gorgeous white mud cake is heaven.
Raspberry and white chocolate mud Decadent white chocolate mud cake with homemade raspberry coulis swirled throughout to take it to the next level of luxury.  Pair it with a raspberry flavoured ganache and I’m in heaven.
Caramel mud A caramel lover’s dream.  This pairs beautifully with the white chocolate ganache and a salted caramel swiss meringue buttercream filling.
Jaffa mud A beautiful moist chocolate mud cake infused with oranges to provide a delicious jaffa flavour.  This pairs remarkably well with an orange flavoured chocolate ganache.
Rich fruit Not just for the older generation, this classic favourite is packed to the brim with dried fruit, mixed peel and cherries (all soaked in brandy for that extra kick).  This recipe has even been known to convert non-fruit cake lovers.
Note: A surcharge applies for this flavour depending on the size of the cake ordered.
Carrot This delicious cake is made using freshly grated carrot and yummy walnuts to provide a lovely, moist alternative to mud cakes.
Coconut A light and dreamy cake with a lovely coconut flavour.
Cherry ripe mud A beautifully moist dark mud cake with a hint of coconut and chopped up Cherry Ripes swirled throughout.
Marble mud Dark chocolate and white chocolate mud cakes swirled together for a ripple effect.  For those times you just can’t decide which flavour to go for.
Banana Using ripe bananas this delicious cake is sure to be a winner.
Red velvet The ever popular red velvet.  A lovely moist cake with a hint of chocolate flavour.
Butter The traditional vanilla butter cake.  Lighter than a mud but heavier than a traditional sponge cake.  Absolutely delicious as is but it can also be paired with a flavoured ganache or buttercream to give it a bit of a twist.
Flourless orange and almond This dairy and gluten free recipe yields a lovely zesty flavour.
Note: Although the recipe is dairy / gluten free I am unable to guarantee that there are no traces of dairy / gluten in the finished product due to utensils and equipment not being used exclusively for dairy/gluten free cakes.

If you would like a flavour not on the list, please feel free to discuss it with me and I’ll try my best to accommodate you.


Generally, either a dark or white* chocolate ganache is used to fill and coat the cake before applying the fondant.  The ganache can be flavoured to compliment your cake flavour (e.g. raspberry, peppermint, coconut etc.).  If the design allows it a buttercream (plain or flavoured) may be used as a filling to complement the cake flavour chosen.

*white chocolate ganache use is weather dependant.  As it’s softer than dark chocolate ganache it doesn’t hold up as well in warm and/or humid conditions so it may affect the structural integrity of your cake if used during the warmer months.