terms and conditions


A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to confirm your booking.  By paying this deposit you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

Payment schedule

Your deposit of $100 will be taken off your final balance.  Full payment of your order is required 14 days before your event.  Failure to pay the balance of your order may result in your order being cancelled.  If your event is less than 14 days away, full payment is required to confirm your booking.

Payment can be made by direct deposit, cash or cheque.  All funds must be cleared into Emma J’s Cakes account before a payment is considered to be received.  Any fees associated with refused payments (e.g. cheque dishonour fee) are your responsibility and may be added to the cost of your cake at Emma J’s Cakes discretion.


Cancellations must be made in writing at least 30 days prior to your event date.  All money paid, less the non-refundable $100 deposit, will be refunded if more than 30 days notice is provided.  Cancellation of your order less than 30 days before your event date requires full payment to be made.

Date changes

In the event that you require a change to the date of your order, requests to change the date must be made in writing and are subject to Emma J’s Cakes availability.  Please contact us to discuss options and availability.

Design agreement

Every effort will be made by Emma J’s Cakes to fulfill your expectations as to the design of the cake, as per the agreed PDF order you will be supplied with.  You will be provided with a sketch or photo reference showing the design as agreed as part of your order.  However, when replicating a design from a photo provided by the client it is important to be aware that no two cakes will ever be identical, particularly when the design is a different cake decorator’s.  There may be times during the construction and decoration of your cake where Emma J’s Cakes is required to make a decision which may alter the design of your cake to accommodate decorations or the proportion or structure of your cake, particularly when using another cake decorator’s design.  There may also be factors, including but not limited to weather or supply issues, outside of Emma J’s Cakes control which may affect your design.

Any extra embellishments provided by you (e.g. cake topper, faux/silk flowers, ribbons etc.) must be clearly labelled with your name and the date of your event.  These extra embellishments must be suitable for your cake as per the agreed design (e.g. correct length and thickness of ribbon etc.).  Any embellishments not meeting health and safety regulations are unable to be used.  If items, such as cake toppers, are provided in a box, the box will be left at the event venue with a member of staff.  No responsibility is assumed by Emma J’s Cakes for lost or misplaced boxes or decorations.

Changes to order

Reasonable changes (e.g. flavour, shapes or decorations) to your order may be made up to 28 days before your event.  Any changes to your original order are subject to our approval and a quote review.  All requests to change your order must be made in writing and are subject to agreement by Emma J’s Cakes.  An updated order form will be issued once changes and any quote reviews are agreed to by both parties.

Set up and delivery

Delivery and set up of your cake is available.  However, all deliveries incur a fee dependant on the location.  If set up and delivery is required this must be agreed to by Emma J’s Cakes and is subject to availability.  When a cake is required to be delivered at a certain time, this is subject to Emma J’s Cakes availability and may incur an extra fee.

Cake collection

You are welcome to collect your cake from Emma J’s Cakes.  Your cake will be provided to you in perfect condition and Emma J’s Cakes assumes no responsibility for a cake once it leaves our possession.  All collection times are by appointment only.  A mobile phone number must be supplied for the person collecting the cake in case of any issues regarding the collection time.  If you collect your own cake and then it is damaged in transit a callout fee of $200 plus $50 per hour (or part thereof) is payable if you require Emma J’s Cakes to travel and repair the damage.  This fee is payable in cash upon arrival.  To save everyone the heartache please drive carefully!

Supplying your own fresh flowers

You are welcome to supply your own fresh flowers to place on your cake however certain conditions must be met before I will agree to place them on the cake.

  • Flowers must be individually wired and taped, pre-clustered or set in an invisible oasis block.
  • Flowers must be delivered to the venue, or to Emma J’s Cakes, at an agreed time to ensure enough time for placement.
  • Any inferior quality flowers (e.g. bruised or damaged) are your responsibility.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that the correct flowers, in suitable quantities, are ordered for placement on your cake.
  • Flowers must be suitable to be in contact with food (e.g. no potentially poisonous flowers, pesticide free, preferably organic).
  • Emma J’s Cakes assumes no responsibility for the food safety of fresh flowers provided by the customer for placement on their cakes.
Special dietary and allergy requirements

Emma J’s Cakes uses a kitchen and equipment that has been in contact with nuts, gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, and other allergens.  As such, no guarantees are provided that a cake is allergen-free.  It is your responsibility to ensure any of your guests with allergies are informed of this.  Emma J’s Cakes accepts no responsibility for any symptoms or reactions that you, or your guests, may suffer as a result of eating our cakes.

Image use

Emma J’s Cakes reserves the right to photograph our cakes and we reserve the right to use these images for any display, promotion, or advertising without compensation to you.